“We have used BAS for 10 years. When we need quick answers to our questions, they are always available to help.”

-Dan Robinson, Chief Financial Officer of the Barry Financial Group


Powerful, people-friendly solutions

To improve your operations and minimize costs, you need a business system that is built on a solid foundation. At BAS, we offer robust, scalable solutions that are geared toward the complex and ever-changing demands of your organization.

All of our user-friendly products include customizable features that align with your unique business requirements. At the same time, our solutions involve a lot more than just software. We provide the technology, service and support to quickly implement your system and encourage optimum use across your organization. It is our goal to help you boost productivity while achieving an excellent return on investment for the life of your system.

Products Overview



 This innovative solution provides a strong, reliable infrastructure for critical business operations. With its full suite of accounting and e-commerce applications, flawless integration with Microsoft Office and specialized tools for manufacturing, distribution, service and non-profit sectors, TRAVERSE will improve productivity at every level of your organization, from head to toe. Plus, this product grows along with you, saving time and money long into the future. <Learn more.>


   Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS)  

 This flexible, integrated system is simple to learn and use, even for people who have a tough time adapting to new technologies. Its wide range of applications, user-friendly workstations and seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office will dramatically streamline processes and increase efficiency in your day-to-day business management, accounting and online sales. <Learn more.> 


QuickBooks Enterprise  

This cost-effective product will revitalize accounting, sales, inventory, purchasing and payroll for your small business by combining functionality with ease of use. It provides complete snapshots of your operations for time-sensitive financial management. Plus, this versatile solution features advanced reporting, customizable forms and continuous fraud and theft protection. As your business grows, you can expand its capabilities for up to 30 simultaneous users. <Learn more.>


   Method Integration   

This tool will transform the way your small business uses QuickBooks. In addition to allowing multiple users to update QuickBooks in real time, this highly secure, online solution links CRM functions – such as client communications and opportunity tracking – with accounting integration and industry-specific applications for truly efficient business management, all in one place. As an added bonus, you won’t need a programmer to design a fully customized a system that matches your precise needs. <Learn more.>