OSAS – Open Systems Accounting Software

A great product, backed by top-notch service.”
-Al Mancini, Owner of United States Concrete Pipe Company


If you are seeking a scalable, customizable accounting system with a full range of applications, OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) may be the ideal solution for you. This highly flexible, simple to use business management, accounting, and e-Commerce system can improve your business practices and help you achieve your goals.

OSAS Features

  • Powerful, integrated system that is easy to learn and use
  • Operates on Windows, Novell, UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, UnixWare, AIX and Mac systems
  • Open source code for complete customization to the way your company operates
  • Innovative alert system to identify critical information
  • Fully compatible with all Microsoft Office applications
  • Mix and match character-based and graphical (GUI) workstations
  • Fast information lookups through pre-defined inquiry windows
  • Numerous third-party vertical applications for increased functionality
General Accounting  
General Ledger Brochure | Demo
Accounts Payable Brochure | Demo
Accounts Receivable Brochure | Demo
Payroll Brochure | Demo
Direct Deposit Brochure
Fixed Assets Brochure | Demo
Bank Reconciliation Brochure | Demo
Resource Manager Brochure | Demo
Inventory Brochure | Demo
Sales Order Brochure | Demo
Purchase Order Brochure | Demo
Bill of Materials/Kitting Brochure | Demo
Advanced Reporting  
Info-Alert Brochure | Demo
General Report Writing Brochure
ODBC Kit/Productivity Reports Brochure
Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting Brochure | EPTR Reports
Featured Verticals  
Job Cost Brochure | Demo
Contractors Job Cost Brochure
CRM Brochure
Manufacturing Call for Information
Service Call for informaiton