Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Intuit Business Analysis ES powered by Business Objects helps you evaluate overall business performance and make better decisions. The interactive dashboard analyzers provide you with quick sales and profitability data and the report builder lets you drag-and-drop to create custom reports in minutes.

Evaluate Overall Performance

Get up-to-date snapshots of company performance with the interactive Sales Performance Analyzer dashboards. You’ll know exactly how your sales and products stand at any time.

Deeper Business Insights

Quickly see exactly which customers and products have the greatest impact on profitability — giving you the ability to laser-focus on top performers and to implement actions to make marginal products and customers better.

Multiple Filter Views

You can filter customers and products by custom date ranges, gross margin, gross margin %, gross sales revenue, average days to pay and weighted business impact — there are over nine different views of your company performance.

The weighted business impact view lets you select the importance to your business of sales, margin and days to pay, and then combines them together on a proportional calculation basis to see how your customers and products rank on these aspects.