Finances & Reporting

Business Finances and Reporting

QuickBooks Enterprise helps you to streamline the critical operations of your business such as finances, inventory, sales, purchasing and paying employees — at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Company Snapshot (New)

Struggling to get a quick, daily update on your business? Want to see an up-to-the-minute account of who owes you money, bills that need to be paid, and reminders? Company Snapshot can provide you with a real-time overview of your business, all in one centralized and easily accessible location, so that you can always stay on top of your business

Run Key Financial Reports Instantly

Use any of Enterprise Solutions’ 120+ standard reports, such as Profit and Loss, Forecast vs. Actual Budget, Statement of Cash Flows and A/R Aging Detail, to get real-time visibility into your business performance. You can easily customize these standard reports to your needs and memorize your changes for future use. You can also export your data to Microsoft Excel to conduct your own specific analyses.

Analyze Performance & Create Custom Reports (New)

Get quick, up-to-date company performance snapshots and custom reporting capabilities to help you make better business decisions with Intuit Business Analysis ES. It works seamlessly with Enterprise Solutions and is available exclusively for Enterprise Solutions users with an active Full Service Plan — at no additional cost.

Combine Reports from Multiple Company Files

If your company operates from multiple locations, save time and avoid errors by consolidating financial reports in one easy step. No manual calculations or mistakes. Just choose a report: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, or Trial Balance. Select the data files to draw from, and Enterprise Solutions creates a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a column for each location, and a column that totals them all.25

Intuit Statement Writer (New)

Create professional financial statements right from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with the Intuit Statement Writer, a $150 value included at no additional cost. Intuit Statement Writer works directly within Microsoft Excel13 for maximum flexibility and provides a real-time link to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions accounting data so your statements update as you make account level changes. Intuit Statement Writer includes customizable statement templates, account roll-up functionality, budget vs. actual reporting and a trial balance utility.

Export Data to Microsoft Excel or Any Spreadsheet Software

Export your QuickBooks data to a new or existing Excel spreadsheet.25 No retyping! Excel automatically applies existing formulas to the new data. Use the export feature to quickly make global changes, such as updating telephone area codes, then import the data back into QuickBooks. Efficiently add groups of new vendors or customers to QuickBooks by importing them in one easy step.

Access Your Data with ODBC-Compliant Applications

For more advanced reporting needs, you can retrieve your QuickBooks data with ODBC-compliant applications such as Microsoft® Access or Excel to see data just the way you want.13 Link to various business applications and build custom reports, queries or forms.

You can also use the powerful SQL language and have full control over your data. Upgrade your ODBC driver to allow read/write access, enabling you to write data into Enterprise Solutions from other programs.

Track Expenses & Pay Bills Automatically

Record bills as they arrive — QuickBooks alerts you when they’re due. No more worrying about late fees and finance charges. When it’s time to pay your invoices, simply click a button to turn each bill entry into a check. Enterprise Solutions lets you print checks one-at-a-time or in batches.

Download Bank & Credit Card Transactions Directly from Your Financial Institution (New)

Download transactions from more than 500 financial institutions right into Enterprise Solutions. No errors. No typing. Now you can enter downloaded transactions in as little as one click. Associate downloaded payees to existing names in your Enterprise Solutions lists, and Enterprise Solutions standardizes the downloaded entries, helping to ensure “clean” lists and accurate reports.

Fixed Asset Manager

Track fixed assets such as computers and other office equipment with our Fixed Asset Manager. Track each purchase from acquisition to disposition, and automatically calculate depreciation for up to six asset bases, including federal, state, book, and AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax).

Instantly Prepare for Tax Time or Your Accountant

Enterprise Solutions tracks your income, expenses, sales tax and payroll while you record transactions so you’re ready for taxes anytime. Let your accountant work directly in a copy of your Enterprise Solutions file, or generate any needed reports and e-mail them as PDF files.

Track Tax Deductible Expenses Automatically

Get every deduction you’re entitled to without spending your time sorting receipts or adding up totals. Enterprise Solutions tracks your income and expenses and organizes them by tax category automatically as you record sales, write checks and pay employees. Enterprise Solutions tax alerts can remind you of quarterly and monthly tax deadlines, so you never have to worry about late-payment penalties. You can report your taxable income and expenses any time, at a moment’s notice.