Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Reduce overhead, lower inventory costs, and tighten up your order cycle with Intuit Warehouse Management ES. From Jacksonville to Juneau, Warehouse Management ES accurately tracks your inventory from warehouse to warehouse in real-time, so you know exactly how many you have and exactly where you have them.


Warehouse Management ES allows you to put inventory in multiple locations. No matter how many locations, it will track your inventory and direct the picker to the correct location to fulfill the order — efficiently and properly every single time.

Multi-Warehouse Sales Order

The multi-warehouse sales order feature provides the capability to assign a shipping warehouse at the sales order line item level from within QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and have separate sales orders automatically created in Warehouse Management ES. Orders are then sent to the correct warehouse for each line item.

Multiple Units of Measure

Warehouse Management ES supports multiple units of measure with viewing options for inventory views, and UOM visibility through all processes on a PC and mobile handheld device.

Item Attribute Controls

System wide and item level options for managing data collection and views for item attributes. Attribute fields are editable in the inventory detail screen. FIFO (First in First Out) inventory rotation option keeps your inventory rotating based on the date it was received in your warehouse. FEFO (First Expiration First Out) inventory rotation option keeps stock rotation based on expiration date with an option to automatically hold inventory from being picked for Sales Orders that have expired.

Bar Code Import

Automatically import a single bar code from a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions custom field on the item record into a Warehouse Management ES bar code field — enabling bar code scanning for items using the Warehouse Management ES mobile bar code scanner.

Bar Code Scanning and Printing

The most efficient way to manage the processes in your warehouse is with bar codes and real-time wireless mobile scanning devices. If you’re ready to migrate away from paper and pencils, Warehouse Management ES offers an inexpensive, turn-key solution that has everything you need to migrate your warehouse to a real-time, wireless, bar code scanning environment. Minimize mistakes, and watch your efficiency improve.

Build Assembly

The build assembly feature imports a bill of materials for an item assembly created in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and allows you to identify the component item locations from which to pick from, generate a build ticket for picking, and to locate completed assemblies at a warehouse stocking location.