Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Organizations increase their likelihood to grow and prosper as they gain a better understanding of their business environment. Business Accounting Software, Inc. suports several reporting tools that deliver vital information quickly and accurately, critical to the success of your business.

With Business Intelligence tools you can:

  • Access your general ledger data directly from Microsoft Excel,
  • Turn your accounting data into powerful information to help you make the best mission critical decisions
  • Protect your profits with up-to-the-minute alerts

Improve your competitive advantage, make faster, overall better decisions, and improve your company’s bottom line with these Business Intelligence tools:

Advanced Financial Analyst BrochureDemo

This state-of-the-art reporting tool lets you perform ‘what if’ analysis, create charts and graphs, or distribute the information in native Excel, HTML or text formats. It’s all fast and easy because your data is in Excel.

*Info-Alert Brochure

TRAVERSE Info-Alert monitors your business data and provides automated alerts when various business conditions are met. It serves as a virtual employee and reviews your TRAVERSE data at scheduled intervals, reporting the information to the appropriate people.

Digital Dashboard BrochureDemo

Included with System Manager, Digital Dashboard gives you an executive snapshot of key business indicators. You can personalize Digital Dashboard using over 35 pre-defined business metrics.

Synoptix Brochure

Synoptix for TRAVERSE from CompuSoft Development is a complete solution for enterprise report writing and drill down analysis. It encompasses end-to-end reporting capabilities and delivers everything from financial and operational reporting to advanced budgeting capabilities.