“Our business has certain quirks that require customized software programs, so when we outgrew our system in 1994, we chose Business Accounting Software because of the flexibility they offered at a reasonable price. Whenever a problem comes up, they solve it very quickly, and permanently. When it comes to a great product that is backed by top-notch service, BAS is second to none.”

-Al Mancini, Owner of United States Concrete Pipe Company and United States Concrete Products



Contractors Job Cost for OSAS is a construction cost accounting system that seamlessly integrates with OSAS. It includes extensive reporting capabilities, including a variety of job cost reports, job status reports, bonding reports, certified payroll reporting, union reports, job payment reports and a job aging analysis. The system supports union, non-union and prevailing wage work.

Construction Job Cost integrates to General Ledger; all reports can be run by actual costs or work in progress. The system provides comprehensive progress billing in a variety of formats, including AIA Billing.

It offers retention accounting and workman’s compensation reporting and also supports Completed Contract and Percentage Complete Job Closing.


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