OneNote helps you stay organized

MS OneNote is a powerful organizational tool deserving consideration from everyone in business, school and at home. OneNote is designed to enhance productivity with its strong integration with the other standard Microsoft products such as Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 

OneNote binder concept


Information is stored in a concept similar to the three-ring binders. Within each notebook, you have Sections (like tabs in a notebook) with Pages within each section where your information is stored. You can have many notebooks – such as those for internal projects, clients, meetings, event planning, travel, etc. In these notebooks you can keep notes, create tables, insert pictures and attach Outlook emails, Word docs and Excel spreadsheets and graphs, PowerPoint files, videos and web links, etc.

Do you find yourself wading through emails and files trying to find what you need for your presentation? Send all the data to a notebook section as you receive them and add more ideas as you get inspired. Now all your cool ideas are readily available when you need them.  Should you forget which folder you stored your information in – the simple search feature in One Note finds it for you. You can even search for text in pictures or spoken words in audio and video recordings. Say ‘goodbye’ to your sticky notes with OneNote.

Here are a few additional ways you can use One Note:

  • Store confidential financial statements in passworded sections for each month or project
  • Integrate with Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Find the notes later by either clicking on the item in Outlook calendar. Or click on the OneNote item to go to the Calendar entry – especially useful when you can’t remember the meeting date.
  • Collaborate with others using the Share feature
  • Password protect sensitive data in different sections of your notebooks
  • Store project ideas including emails, graphs, spreadsheets, and other information in sections with different pages for each aspect.
  • Securely store personal info such as passwords, bank accounts and credit cards in a section, then lock them down using One Note’s password protection to encrypt the data.

You can have lots of notebooks at your fingertips and work with others on them as necessary .  Work on them you’re out of the office, then sync when you return.

OneNote helps you keep everything in one place – then reorganize and share as desired. Don’t worry about saving your work – it automatically does that when you exit the software.  And OneNote performs its own backup automatically.

OneNote is available on PCs, MACs, IPad, iPhone and Android devices, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Still not convinced?   Contact us and I’ll gladly discuss with you the wonders of this underutilized gem.

About Lillian Aaron

Lillian Aaron is inspired by small and mid-sized businesses. She understands the challenges they face and the tenacity required to build strong, growing organizations. Since 1983, Lillian has worked with businesses as a business process consultant helping them implement and support leading-edge products that drive efficiency and profitability for diverse clients. Her friendly, one-on-one consulting style helps business owners and managers feel at ease when adopting and learning new technology systems.

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